contested custody
contested custody contested custody contested custody
contested custody



The majority of divorces that involve custody related issues are eventually settled out of court. These include custody cases that are contested by one or both parties. However, a small percentage of custody disputes - about four (4) percent of cases - will proceed to a custody trial. When a custody trial appears inevitable, this calls for a completely different approach to custody litigation. Instead of focusing on a custody settlement between the parties, it changes to building a custody case that will be heard by a judge (and jury, in some cases). specializes in all aspects of trial preparation and case management. It also provides the much needed back-up that busy divorce trial attorneys desparately need. Our PRIMARY OBJECTIVE is to clients and their attorneys build a case that will be heard, understood and believed by both judge and jury. Custody trial consultants provide attorneys the ammunition they need to present a winning case.

What Do Trial Consultants Do?

Custody trial consultants are the behind the scenes "helpers" to divorce attorneys. Their job is to get the custody case in the most optimal position to present in court. This means the custody trial consultant assists the custody trial attorney in identifying the key issues to present, locating and researching custody experts, preparing witnesses for testimony, assisting with deposition and cross examination questions, creating trial exhibits and assisting with jury selection, when needed. The assistance that custody trial consultants provide raises the trial presentation to another level. This is mainly because on their own, custody trial attorneys don't have the time, skill or resources to do what custody trial consultants do. Read more.

Need More Information?

Everyone's concerns are unique. For that reason, Dr. Reena Sommer offers a brief "no obligation" telephone consultation. Please call her with your questions and concerns at 281.534.3923

*FYI: We are not attorneys nor are we members of any bar in any state. We do not offer legal advice nor do we present ourselves as doing so. However, we assist attorneys to better represent their clients through our various services as custody trial consultants.

contested custody

I’m Dr. Reena Sommer, a trial consultant specializing exclusively in high conflict custody cases which typically involve varying degrees of parental alienation and at times, false allegations of sexual abuse. Since the mid '90s, my mission has been to assist my clients and their children establish the most optimal relationship they are entitled to. My clients are located throughout the U.S. as well as Canada, Great Britain, Europe, India,Israel and Australia. I am looking to build relationships with other family law and criminal attorneys as well as potential clients who are looking for a trial consultant who will assist in moving their case in the direction it needs to go.

I bring a unique approach to my trial consulting work because:

    • I take on the most challenging custody cases in attorneys'practises; the ones that are characterized by intractable conflict, difficult clients and those cases that seem to be going no where.
    • I restrict the number of cases I take on. This allows me and my colleagues to provide our clients with the type of attention they require and deserve. We generally offer 24 hr turnaround on most of our work.
    • The initial consultation is free.
contested custody
contested custody
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