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The custody trial plan provides an individualized blueprint that outlines the preparations involved in a custody case as its moves toward and during a custody trial. The custody trial plan is tailored to the specifics and demands of the custody case.

Preparing for a custody trial can be stressful as well as very expensive. Placing decisions about one's future and that of one's children in the hands of the court is extremely stress provoking because there is no way to absolutely guarantee that the judge (and in some cases, a jury) will see your case as you do and ultimately, decide in your favor. Given these uncertainties and what is at stake, it makes sense that every effort should be made to develop a flawless custody case presentation. One way to accomplish this is to acquire the best custody trial preparation assistance available. This is where the services of a trial consultant with expertise and experience in custody trial preparation can be invaluable. He or she will be able to provide the necessary back-up to a family law attorney that will point the judge's attention in the direction you want.

Custody trial consultants involve themselves in every aspect of case strategy and trial preparation. Find out more about the scope of services offered by a custody trial consultant. Read more.

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Things to Think About Before Retaining a Trial Consultant

If you and your divorce attorney have determined that a custody trial is probably inevitable, you should consider retaining a custody trial consultant. As when choosing an attorney, it is also essential that your trial consultant is someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in custody cases. And since contested custody cases very often involve issues relating to relocation, religion, education, parental alienation and even false allegations of sexual abuse, it is very important that the custody trial consultant you retain is knowledgeable about the specific issues involved in your case. The right trial consultant can be a valuable team member and instrumental in moving your case to the winning side.

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winning custody
winning custody
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