can emails be used in custody
can emails be used in custody casescan emails be used in custody cases can emails be used in custody cases
can emails be used in custody cases


Disputed or contested divorce and custody cases present numerous challenges to clients and their attorneys. One important variable in all of these cases is an unreasonable, angry and often vindictive spouse whose idea of fairness generally means having everything done his or her way.

Divorcing an unreasonable spouse is no easy feat. When dealing with this type of an individual not only is a client faced with a contested divorce and/or custody case but more important he or she can expect that the proceedings will be stalled or frustrated using various legal mechanisms. Some of the tactics used in these cases include an onslaught of court motions accompanied by sworn affidavits providing false or misleading information. Remarkably, in spite of the litigious nature of the unreasonable, angry and vindictive spouse, he or she adamantly maintains efforst to be cooperative and be reasonable, yet at the same time it is he or she that is being victimized by the other spouse. read more

Gathering Evidence in Preparation for a Custody Trial

In order to make a case, divorce attorneys need "evidence" to support their legal position and arguments. Legal evidence comes in several forms including eye witness accounts, documentation and expert testimony. One common problem in challenging divorce and custody cases is knowing something without being able to prove it. In these situations, the "strategic" use of emails can be of great assistance in evidence gathering. Strategic emails have the potential of turning a weak case that lacks evidence into a strong case that has hard evidence.

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The Benefits of Strategic Emails

The growth of the Internet as well as the widespread use of email make strategic email an excellent tool for gathering evidence, even when dealing with an unreasonable spouse. Its around the clock accessibility lends itself to prompt responses that are often made hastily and impulsively especially by an angry and vindictive spouse. Email also has the potential to create a stream of communication in a relatively short time that would otherwise take days or weeks to generate. read more

Strategic Emails Work Like This....

There are several steps involved in the implementing effective strategic emails. Each step is important and without anyone, the chance of success is greatly diminished. read more

Some Other Uses for Strategic Emails

While many clients involved in divorce and custody litigation are primarily interested in using "strategic emails" to collect evidence of the other spouse's wrong-doings, this same approach can be used for other purposes. read more


can emails be used in custody cases
can emails be used in custody cases
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